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Looking for Lung Specialist or ENT in Hong Kong

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    Question Looking for Lung Specialist or ENT in Hong Kong


    Does anyone know a good lung doctor in Hong Kong or someone who specializes in persistent cough. My brother has had a on/off cough and sore throat for a few months now and I want to see someone who can diagnose the cause correctly and not just throw antibiotics at him. I don't think its anything serious but it is persistent.

    Thanks again in advance.


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    I like Dr. Nelson Lai with ENTific, he was able to help me get rid of a lingering cough earlier this year

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    Home remedies might help.

    I know I might get flak for this, but has your brother tried taking steam from a vaporizer? I had a nasal drip which would irritate the hell out of my throat. I had cough for months after contracting COVID. I went to several doctors only to get some paracetamol and high really high dosage antibiotics. But nothing worked. Finally got a vaporizer, took steam for 15 mins twice a day and voila! The cough disappeared. No harm trying!

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    Could be many things - postnasal drip, reflux etc. Get it checked out by an ENT first probably. Nelson Lai should be ok.

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