Any advice on LASIK in hong kong?

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    Any advice on LASIK in hong kong?

    Has anyone done any LASIK surgery in Hong Kong or know any good place to do LASIK? Thanks

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    I was one of the first patients to undergo LASIK eye surgery in HK, even appeared on the news when the Eye Centre at Hong Kong Sanitorium first opened. I can say that the result is still excellent, and have been enjoying perfect vision for over 15 years now. In my case, one eye surgery was performed in the doctor’s clinic and the other at Hong Kong Sanitorium when the machine was later moved there. I can provide you with further information if required.
    Please visit the hospital’s site and find out more details!

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    Hong Kong Sanitorium Hospitial Eye centre is the best and famous in Hong Kong for all eye problems espcially lasik. Do not go to places because they offer deals for credit card or watever like other users here. These are your eyes and you do not want to pay cheaper and get a good deal. I and all my frineds go to Hong Kong Sanitorium hospitial eye centre for all eye problems or Lasik

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    I am desperate to have this done, but I am a coward. I have a few questions for anyone that has had the surgery:

    Is there still a possibility of going blind?
    If there are complications, what are they likely to be?
    Will I need to take time off work to recover?
    Will I be able to fly shortly (a few weeks) after the operation?
    Is this the hospital that most people would recommend?


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    What about the Hong Kong Lasik Centre/Hong Kong Laser Eye Centre? Does anyone have experience with that?

    Are there possibilities of scars or recovery periods?
    How long has lasik eye surgery existed for now? or the centre existed for now?

    Is it possible to have blurry vision later after?
    Does anyone recommend a particular doctor? Are they performed by doctors or ophathemlogists?

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