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Need a Chiropractor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariac

    I just moved from Tokyo to HKG. I used to see a chiro in Tokyo for mid-back pain. I need to find a reliable one here since I am still in the middle of treatment. Can someone recommend a chiropractor? I'm in pain.

    Also, I'm confused about how the insurance thing works here. So most chiros/physical therapists will accept insurance but one has to see and get a referral from a general physician first? How does it work?

    Thanks in advance!
    lf you want a permanent cure go to 10/F Wealthy Plaza 138 Shaukeiwan Rd Sai Wan Ho. Tel 3568 9044 Dr. Liu Chang... the same name as the famous Chinese hurdler.
    HK250 30mins. You'll need a Mandarin or Cantonese speaker to translate though.

    I had serious chronic back pain for 5 years, tried everything, and anyone including one of the chiros mentioned here @$600 20+ sessions... wasted my time and money...

    I was depressed and suicidal when I found out about Dr. Liu. He was in Shenzhen then and only RMB90 a session. I used to see him twice a week. He uses manual manipulation and massage for the tight muscles. He got my disc back in and got my muscles relaxed so my body was aligned properly.

    This guy saved my life. I can't recommend him highly enough.

    That was two years ago and I'm 100% pain free and more flexible than before my injury... and I was pretty flexible, I used to stretch a lot!

    I went to see him in September and October as I fractured my arm in August, but I didn't find out until 3 weeks after the accident when I had an Xray because my I couldn't straighten my arm or touch my shoulder. I went to him and he got my arm straight and able to touch my shoulder. And he does this through massage! Amazing!

    No idea if your insurance will cover it, but what do you want, insurance coverage or a permanent solution to your pain?

    Call him today! He's the best!
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    Angry The Chiropractic Centre - Dr Barry Decker - BE WARNED

    Quote Originally Posted by elle
    Sorry, but after having seen Barry Decker for a few months I have to strongly disagree with Neha.
    If you need a dogmatic life style guru, go and see him. If you need a good Chiropractor, see someone else.
    I see Dr. Heidi Petrick, Tel: 22349668 and can highly recommend her.
    My family and I were recently referred by a friend to consul Dr Decker and like what has previously been said in this and some other threads our experiences with Dr Decker aligns. I am not saying that he cannot fix you, but be warned that he may be more interested in your money than your spine.

    The first three sessions involve attending group workshops to drill into your head messages about the dangers of subluxation. I paid HK$600 to wait for 1.5hours before being attended to for 15minutes. Consultation hours are inflexible and not work- friendly. About 5 sessions on you will be constantly pressured into buying other homeopathy products. Expect to be told to shut up if you challenge his preachings.

    If you just want to make sure your spine align and don't exactly want to live life the Decker way I would not recommend you go there. There are better chiropractors in Hong Kong.

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    I would recommend:

    Tsim Sha Tsui Chiropractor Centre

    Dr Brendan Smallbone (I kid you not)
    Room 1201B, 12/F, Hong Kong Pacific Centre,
    28 Hankow Road,
    Tsim Sha Tsui
    T: +852 2721 3999
    E: [email protected]