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    of course I bloody care!

    Quote Originally Posted by Waterloo:
    i call to waive the $150. They will do that most of the time.
    Great idea- but call whom? The hotline does not have a human bean option.

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    I am planning to write a complain letter to XXXXX UP i-cable again for their broadcasting method.

    you know apart from broadcasting their channel via fixed network, for some building they don't want to spend money for building network, they use 18GHz microwave to broadcast the encrypted signal.

    However, when it's raining, the signal would reduced sharply and ended up "no-signal" was show on TV.

    So many subscriber suffered. I am not those subscriber but i am now writing a letter to complain, suggest the authority to force i-cable to replace those microwave equipment..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by kombuchakid:
    Great idea- but call whom? The hotline does not have a human bean option.
    Try to send a paper letter and see if they have any respond at all. If I were you, I would never pay that $150 because it's not my fault they had some corporate restructuring. It's not a problem of your credit card. I would also send a copy to the OFTA as a complaint.

    Many companies stop having a living human being on a customer service hotline, e.g. Hutchison Orange. My mobile phone's voice mail box's password did not work all of a sudden and now I am stuck. I guess I have to walk in one of the brick and mortar store and start to bitch....

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    I am a local and I've got an even worse experience than you. They cut my line after 8 months service and said I have not settled the payment. The point is they sent the bill to a wrong address! How come they can connect my line but send bill to a different address?

    After more than 5 calls with them each last at least an hour, I got my line reconnected BUT miss all my Value Add Services (e.g call forward etc). I've then made another 10 calls and finally still miss my dual-tone fax service. I then end up file a complaint to the HK Consumer Council (tel:29292222; Their CS manager called me after their GM received the letter from Consumer Council. It was still after a few talks with their CS Manager, I got everthing resumed.

    If you want talk to them, you should call to their CS hotline 21121133, use the "option 1 - service enquiry" or "option 3 - technical enquiry". Don't use "option 2 - billing enquiry". Be reminded that you may need to wait 10 to 15 min before some one serve you.

    Their CS Manager told me their call center is located in Shenzhen, China. I just wonder if they can speak good English.


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    I-Cable is %^$#^%... Anyway, I have had no need for a landline in HK yet, so out of the clutches of PCCW & I-Cable as yet..

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    Question Can you help?

    btw, I have used what I experienced as my MBA dissertation case study. Can you do me a favor to help reply below questions?
    I also welcome any one who would like to share their experience plus answer below questions.

    1. I have received their call for not settle the bill before they cut my line. Did you receive their reminder call before your line being cut?

    2. Did you try to use their internet site to communicate with them on this issue? if yes, what do you think about their response?

    3. Besides this forum, did you and will you proactively share your experience through word-of-mounth or other form to others?

    4. Would you consider to terminate their service upon your contract expire?

    5. Would you Not recommend others to use their service or stay neutral after this happened?