Digital Camera Prices in Fortress vs Mongkok?

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    Question Digital Camera Prices in Fortress vs Mongkok?


    How much are Fortress selling the following digital cameras, also how much could I get one for in Mongkok?

    Panasonic TZ1 ...10x optical zoom, image stabliser, ISO800/1600.
    Panasonic LX1... 8MP, manual mode (the most expensive in the panasonic range).
    Panasonic LX5 ... 6x optial zoom (similar to the Canon A700 - but no manual mode).

    I'm currently in Australia so dont have the luxury of going there directly to get prices =)


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    G'day db,
    found one on the PCCW website here.

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    Thanks discobay

    I was wondering - do you know of any other websites that sell digital cameras, as I might try looking them up online too?

    Any info will help! Thanks in advance

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    Wanchai, HK

    Try the following:

    Tincheung Camera's Online Catalog. receives good comments as well. (note: the site is in chinese, but you can hover your mouse over the menu to get an idea re: link)

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    I would recommend you to go to the camera shops at computer shopping centre in MongKok or ShamshuiPo.

    Just ask for any same camera without official warranty, which is parallel import goods pronounced as "Shui For" in cantonese. The same camera that you are looking at, will be at least HK$5-800 cheaper than the one comes with official warranty. When you purchase it and bring it back to Australia, the HK warranty is not going to cover you anyway, why would you pay more for the same camera.

    Just make sure the parallel import model does come with at least english menu or it is gonna be a bit hard to control.

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    [QUOTE=McArenas;86350]Try the following:

    Tincheung Camera's Online Catalog.

    would you buy from this place. they are selling the s3 for only 2700 which is a pretty good deal. do they sell "grey" market cameras?