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    IT enquiry



    got a problem here :

    i got a labtop with a internal wireless card,intending to sign up with one of the companies for my internet access in HK. But,not sure if its possible to set up a WIRELESS internet connection from the internet modem/cable.

    I believe i need a router,do i need a additional PC so tat the network can runs wirelessly & i can get access to internet wirelessly thru my Notebk?

    what brands are worth considering for purchase?

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    don't think u'd need another pc. i just set up one over the weekend.
    plug the router directly into the modem and configure it to log in to the WAN directly.

    the one i purchase is fair. 270hkd for 54mbps. prob u can get cheaper. i was too lazy to hunt and bargain and i hope i was not screwed... the cisco ones are selling for more i guess

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    You just need a Wireless Router. I would recommend a Linksys (=Cisco) router which will set you back about HK$500 I think. They come in different versions depending on how much space you have and how much range you need for the wireless. If it's just within a room or through one wall then the compact version will probably do the job.

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    Yes, I would recommend a Linksys - something in the WRT54G range. The instructions that come with it, I thought, were very clear and easy to follow especially if you haven't done something like this before.

    You will have to have your internet connection already installed (or else how do you test it is working). Your internet provider should leave you with a router. You can then purchase a wireless router to plug into that. Alternatively you can buy wireless routers that will also double as the router your ISP leave (ie dial up to the network) but this isn't a given.

    Does your laptop have a regular network (LAN) port? It should do. You will need this to configure your router before you are able to use it wirelessly. Again, this is covered in the setup instructions.

    Note you will also need TWO network cables. So check to see if there are two in the box (I seem to remember this was the case). You need one to plug your new wireless router into the router your ISP leave behind. The second cable you will need to plug into your LAN socket on your laptop to the wireless router so you can setup the wireless network. Once you have done this you won't need this second cable as you should be running wirelessly.

    Also, just a tip, but set up your wireless connection WITHOUT any security to begin with. ie just get it so you can connect to a website and it is all working. THEN apply some wireless security such as WPA or WEP, or you will find yourself sharing your connection with everyone else in your block. If you set it all up at once and it doesn't work it will make trouble shooting more difficult.

    Once you have that all up and running, I would then go as far as to limit the MAC access on your wireless router to your laptop and also to turn off the SSID broadcasting on the router. This will further secure your wireless network by only allowing traffic from your specific machine and also not broadcasting the existence of your network to everyone in wireless range - but don't worry about any of this more advanced stuff until you have it working - then come back on the forum's if you need a bit more help.

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    I would not recommend linksys, i have had nothing but problems with them, ands they have a horrible average transfer rate for the data sent / revieved it can dip down as low as around 2mb with a so called 54mb/s wireless config. And their support treats you like someone who cant tell the difference between a radio and a notebook, and spam you with generic pre defined anwsers to any enqury you might throw at them.

    I would recommend Berklin, great design, superior preformance, great warranty, and very stable data treansfer rates.
    And i would recommend paying a bit extra and get one that has printer support also.

    Good luck

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    I'd also recommend the Linksys WRT54G. Or anything by Netgear. Mainly because both companies have very simple menu systems to set things up, and you don't sound like an overly technical person

    Avoid the really cheap, unbranded wireless routers. They tend to have terrible user interfaces.