Mr Moo that Voyage is news to me. I will check it out. Another Distro on the Todo & see list.

Why are they slow?
Poor network configurations, they have good equipment which is not configured right or tuned.
They have overloaded routers.
Overloaded or oversold DSL loop.
They operate based on what their customer find acceptable and are willing to pay for. The customer wants the cheapest deal and has unrealistic expectations. Also ISPs have to in turn lie and not deliver to such customers to be able to survive.

Anyway it is pathetic that a even though the amount of bandwidth being move has grown I don't think that in terms of quality of service and properly configured networks.

Also many ISPs sprint in to buy NEW hardware thinking that it is going to solve all the problems, and their network issues will automatically be fixed. In fact they don't have to buy anything, just need to design things right. The new equipment then gets configured just as badly as the previous one andt here is not difference.

Havinig said that there are some good ISPs in HK, but most people do not know who they.

I use to operate an premium grade ISP here in HK 10 years ago and most people didn't/don't care about the quality, uptimes, network reach and availability. It is about price, anyone thinking about delivering a quality service will not be able to grow or survive in the long term.

What matter is being able present comprehensible quantifiable figures, which don't have much to do with what the customer actually gets/needs. (Bigger = better) 2GB of storage, 8Mbit broad band, 100Mbit Access, which of course they will not get, nor will they be able to understand that they are not getting. If they do understand they will justify with the fact that it is HK$68 cheaper than a good service.

As for Companies.
If they host the sites themselves, their ADSL circuits are likely not to deliver the bandwidth and also, they are likely to oversell the local loop so you don't get get the 512Kbit upstream.
They will get the cheap ass PPoE circuits, which bandwidth allocation/increase rate is slow compared to a clear T1 or a GRE based circuit.
Also the enterprises themselves will not spend on quality equipment, they will get something that has the spec but will not be able to deliver the performance. LevelOne switches.
But then of course will have to have a 2 dual core 3Ghz, P4 machine that is burning electricity and has a cpu utilization of 0.001% pumping out static pages.