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Headphone recommendations

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    looking for some really high quality headphone recommendations. I prefer:

    • In-Ear headphones ONLY
    • Work w/ iPhone 4 (i think its a standard jack - but listing just in case)
    • Must have a mic, preferably with volume control and pause/play/call button
    • Less then HK$1000
    • Highest Quality sound possible
    • I primarily listen to happy-pop (Submarines, Matt and Kim, Postal Service, Death Cab, etc) and instrumental rock (Explosions in Sky, Mogwai, etc)

    i've always used apples headset, and hate it. hoping someone can recommend an "audiophile" quality headset for me. any recommendations?
    i am using this "total comfort" in ear headphones by Philips. it has volume control and a mic. it costs $469 from HMV. I find it pretty good. kind of value for money

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    They are neither in-ear nor within budget but for anyone who is reading this for whom those conditions do not apply I recently bought a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P5's

    They are simply the best headphones I have ever used. They include two cables, one includes a volume control and mic that's iPhone/iPod compatible. Going back to the iPhone bundled headphones is rubbish.

    They're great generally although if I'm out and about exercising or something the leather ear covers encourage sweat. For walking about town or taxis/MTR they are unbeatable.

    I paid $2880 from the B&W store on Duddell Street.

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