The "Free" PCCW Trial

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    The "Free" PCCW Trial

    Well like a good few other people, who like something for nothing, I (and the missus) took part in the PCCW "free" 3G trial. Now we all know this wasn't just a trail of PCCW's services it was also, for them, a little stab at seeing how well their chinese supplier of phones (Huawai) stood up (and they have since struck a deal with Vodafone.....).

    Overall the experience wasn't uplifting for two reasons. 1. The service from PCCW, signal wise, was pretty dire to say the least although the 3G site content and set up was good. 2. The handsets were nowhere near decent phone technology, although maybe I need to elaborate! Simple norms like T9 texting weren't available by default although the video call interface and streamed info were as good as most!

    So overall not quite there yet. But durable they were - mine I used 3 days before consigning it back to it's box, my missus used her for the full six months and thats saying something. She has the ability to turn a Rolls Royce Phantom into the uncormfortable red box called a Taxi at will, so her hands could be an engineers dream....or nightmare.

    So what's the point of the story? Actually we returned these handsets at the end of July, never to be used again. Then in the post today we have a credit card bill for $3000, $1500 for each phone! After they were returned! Anyway, we've called PCCW, who admit they've made a mistake (computer error) and have credited this back but could take 3 to 4 weeks! So to all those who've used, abused and had fun with the free service for a the credit card bill!

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    JayKay : funny you should bring this up. I've been talking to the folks at PCCW about this ... and I'll point the right person to this thread.