Second-hand Cisco gear

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    Second-hand Cisco gear

    Hi guys,

    I'm studying for my exams, and I attempting to set up my home lab. I have a new router, but I'd like to start building up the rest of the lab from second-hand gear.

    Does anyone know where to buy it, or have any to sell?


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    Send a PM to Fenix2 ...

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    Not sure the exams you are taking. Regarding PIX's and layer 3 Cisco ASA5505 is pretty cheap new (if you don't need VLAN trunking), For Layer 3 I can do a 3550 24-100... pretty cheap also.

    Whether you buy from us or the cheapest stolen/crack addict dealer on Ebay my advice is get your wallet out and spend the money and get the exams done. Don't hang around. Most students that come to us, have this sense of entitlement that as they are students they should be getting solid equipment for nothing.... then don't buy anything when they don;t finish the course they have paid or take the exams.

    Get qualified.... Good luck.

    I've been running cisco boxes for 15 years and just started on call manager and the IP/PBX solutions... A slight learning curve....

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