I switched from Netvigator to i-Cable last month. No problems at first, but now odd things are happening. Sometimes I can't receive any data and after calling tech support, I'm told to check if the PC light on the modem is blinking, and if so to press the Data on/off button at the back. They say it is probably due to a loose lan cable, although I have checked this out. This usually solves the problem, but doesn't prevent it from recurring again and again.

At other times, I can't receive any data on my laptop--a Macbook Pro (connected via a Belkin wireless router). I get connection time outs and "server not found" errors when trying to surf the web. However, I have no problems when using an older Powerbook laptop. Even when the connection is working, I sometimes see "Internet Status: No Connection" on the Belkin Router Control panel.

Any idea how to resolve these problems?