Help - issues with Netvigator/Apple wireless connection

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    Help - issues with Netvigator/Apple wireless connection

    Hi there

    I've got a NetVigator broadband modem (not wireless) which connects over PPPoE, and an Apple wireless router ('AirPort Extreme'). Whilst both are independently working (internet is fine if i connect using the ethernet, and the wireless router works fine) I can't get them to work together, and can't get wireless internet.

    I've tried configuring the Apple router to connect over PPPoE but to no avail - I can't see why it's not working, and don't know whether it's an Apple issue, a NetVigator issue, or just that I'm missing something!

    Is anyone able to help and let me know how to do this?


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    Hi Blissie - I am having the same problem with netvigator and the apple timecapsule.

    So far I have only got them to work together by putting the ATC in bridge mode, however this means that the pccw modem effectively continues as the router... With ATC acting as a repeater network.

    I haven't given up completely on this as yet, and will let you know if I figure out a workaround.

    ... Bottom line, they can work together... But not sure to what extent yet.