NOW TV, Netvigator Broadband Set Up

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    NOW TV, Netvigator Broadband Set Up

    A friend of mine is having a problem with her internet set up. Bascially there are two phone points in the flat; one in the living room, one in the study. A Netvigator man came round and set up the Broadband NOW TV thing in the living room with the broadband modem plugged into the living room phone socket. He was unable to set up the computer in the study with broadband as the cabling wasn't long enough to reach from the modem in the living room to the study. My questions are:

    (1) If broadband TV is now up and running, does that mean the flat now has broadband officially running through it's veins? or does something seperate need to be switched on for computer broadband?

    (2) Is it not possible to plug in a seperate modem into the study phone line to use regular broadband? or does this mess up the broadband TV signal?

    (3) Can I replace the modem in the living room with my own wireless broadband router therefore allowing wireless internet access throughout the whole flat? Or does this mean I can't have broadband TV because the broadband TV uses a special modem built for netvigators purposes?

    (4) I guess my final question is what are my solutions? The netvigator man suggested a wireless broadband modem to replace the one in the living room... for $600! I've already got a Netgear DG834G I can give her!

    Many Thanks

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    1) Well it depnds what she bought - it is possible to buy the TV without the broadband but there's minimal saving in doing so since technically the broadband needs to be there for the TV. I'm not sure if PCCW has a way of disabling internet connections whilst running the TV. So most likely she has bought broadband also.

    2) No it's not possible.

    3) No you can't. The DSL modem is specially built for PCCW. However, you could put a (normal, not DSL) wireless router behind the DSL modem.

    4) A normal wireless router might cost from about $300 up these days I guess. In the scale of things that really isn't a lot of money.

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    Talking Getting to grips with Now-TV

    Or buy a "FON" Access Point Wi-Fi device = about $140 from certain HK outlets, and use the supplied Wi-Fi signals from it around the flat.

    It is the only b/g mode "Access Point" device that I've seen - in recent years - that is available in HK.

    All the long gone earlier maker's models were strictly "b" mode only.

    Nothing wrong with them - it's only that many people lust after a "go-faster" model no matter that their equipment can not make any reasonable use of the additional speed. <wry smile>.


    If your friend has a BLACK - Chinese made - "N0 Name" - NOW-TV ADSL modem with the insignia of :


    Then the FON device - or any Wi-Fi Router ***HAS*** to have its LAN cable inserted into the extreme LEFT HAND SIDE "hole" when viewing it from the back. The PCCW's contractor told me that NO other socket was to be used - the one NEXT to it is for NOW-TV - the other two are for separate [registered] user accounts for Internet - but all sharing the same bandwidth - at - what I was told was a rather hi-cost. i.e. much cheaper to use a router on one port and share from there.

    Due to incessant disconnect problems - see more on another thread - I finally had my NEC Adsl modem replaced with the EX7822r+ .... It's early days, but it *does* seem to stay connected <Touch Wood>.

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    Ok, thanks. I guess the best solution is to go with Netvigators wireless plan thing for $18 pm or whatever it is. At least that way if things go wrong, they can be contacted and there will be coverage for the whole flat.

    My final question just to check! Seeing that Netvigator bizarrely charge you per user/computer with regular broadband will the wifi plan charge her per user/computer? If someone comes round with a laptop to use the internet, are they going to need their own sub-user account!? bonkers if so!

    Thanks again.