Pacific Supernet blocks port 25 for other SMTP servers

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    Pacific Supernet blocks port 25 for other SMTP servers

    I dont't want to use Pacific Supernet's SMTP server while being connected through them as an ISP. They block port 25 for other SMTP servers.

    The reason: I use my own domain's email address hosted overseas. If I use an SMTP server other than the one of my domain host, many spam filters regard my mails as spam just only for this reason. Any solution.

    Sorry, I intended to post this in the computer and internet thread. No idea why it ended up here (Too early in the morning). I will repost there, please do not answer here.
    I can't find a way to delete this post/thread.

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    port 25 blocking

    Sometimes your email/hosting service may offer other other ports for outgoing mail...

    Mine offers port 26.

    Alternatively they may offer SSL (port 465) which you can enable on the advanced settings of your email program.

    Netvigator block port 25 too, I use SSL which gets through even when I am travelling and in various places. SSL is handy too because it encrypts the email stuff so if you are using, say, an open WiFi connection your email passwords cannot be snffed.

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    Pretty standard fair, most ISPs will block port 25 as it encourages open relays and spam bot attacks.

    Regular mail is unencrypted allowing for easy eavesdropping of your account details and messages. TLS & SSL encrypted services are often available as the preferred access method. For older organisations this might be on a non-standard port, for example SpeakEasy is on 587.