ND filters and remote shutter release codes

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    ND filters and remote shutter release codes

    Need infor on the price and where to buy

    1. ND 10 stop filter

    2. Remote shutter release cord

    compatible with a Nikkon d5100...

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for the typo in the topic - cord not code

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    You have several options- there are camera stores all over the place. On the island, the stores on Stanley/Wellington streets are the obvious choice.

    In Kowloon there are much cheaper generic options- camera accessory stores on the east end of Ap Lui Street in Sham Shui Po (MTR Exit A).

    Prices: Anything from what you'll find listed on bhphotovideo.com + ~10% for authentic Nikon/B+W parts, down to some tiny fraction for generic knockoffs.

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    Don't know the prices for those things but try amazon or B&h.com so you can get a good estimate and read reviews for which is best. In my experience looking at entry level and mid range dslr's and accessories, amazon and B&h prices, when converted are pretty close to our prices here.