Web designer/developer pc spec?

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    Lightbulb Web designer/developer pc spec?

    What is the best specification of computer for web developer and designer? my budget is roughly 6.2k

    And here's what i found out...

    ASUS P8H61M-LE
    Galaxy GT520 1GB
    4GBx2 DDR3 Corsair
    1TB 7200RPM
    Corsair CX400W
    Dell ST2420L

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    Should be good enough. Don't get dell, you might want to try ASUS or Samsung LED Monitor. Cheap and good.

    Think of getting decent Graphic card and SSD if you can extend your budget a little.

    There're pre-built system in Centrafield and Capital Computer. Please have a look if you dun like OEM.

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    Web developer PC: surely that's anything capable of running something like Dreamweaver and a browser? i.e. anything produced within the last 5 years.

    Designer: if you're talking rendering, then you're talking as many cores and as much memory as you can cram into a box plus a half decent accelerated graphics card.

    We have been perfectly happy with Dell monitors for design use, there really isn't much point obsessing over brand with monitors- they are roughly the same.

    @htoon: I see no reason why SSD would be of any value for a web/designer PC. It's not like the OP needs fast bootup or app start times, and if he's paging to do disk, then there is something seriously wrong with RAM config.

    Edit: Or just get an iMac and don't worry about spec if you're not confident in assessing components. They cost more than 6K but they include a good quality monitor.

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