anybody know the lastest price in hk for psp slim?

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    [QUOTE=lowlight;181375]That's MSRP. When the stock situation is better, it'll end up staying at that price.

    what is MSPR?btw do u guys heard of this shop called broadway selling electronic stuff?can it be trusted?tks guys for ur help...

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    MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

    Keyword being "suggested"

    Broadway is one of the biggest electronics chains in HK. The prices are not going to be the best, but they should be pretty trustworthy.

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    hi what abt the current price range for a normal PSP package? as well as the price range for DS lite? does the DS lite come in a package as well?

    so i guess the place with the best prices would be Golden Arcade Computer Centre in ShamShuiPo? how do i get there from the MTR?

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    Actually the best place to get a slim PSP now is Broadway or other big stores. They are the ones selling it for MSRP when the prices are still inflated at the smaller stores for some reason.

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    PSP at Hong kong Airport


    I am transiting in HKIA and was wondering if the PSP slim & light is available at the airport and for what price? Regards

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