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iPad 3 - Fail product

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    iPad 3 - Fail product

    Is iPad 3 relatively failed product ??

    There is not great addition for wifi model - people didn't upgrade their iPad
    4G is not even great in rest of the world because of one or other problem so no interest in buying that also
    Overheating news is also a problem

    Comparing to other Apple product do you think iPad 3 has failed??

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    Yes, only 3 million sold in the first 4 days, clearly a failure.


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    apple doesn't care what you think.

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    Tuen Mun

    The people who bought it failed, Apple won...........I didn't and wouldn't buy any of their grotesquely overpriced crap but so many isheep baaa baaaa baaaaaaa buy their higher priced lower spec. crud then do it all again the following year for even the tiniest sliver of improvement......iPhone 4S being the most breathtaking proof of Apple's ability to sell turds to it's baa baa isheep at overinflated iPrices.

    A pox on you iSheep.....a pox..

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    Sai Kung

    Not according to those who count: Surprise! Consumer Reports' No. 1 tablet is the iPad -

    BE is by admission a luddite. He may buy a fax machine next year if the price comes down enough.

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