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Compact camera suggestion

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    Compact camera suggestion

    I am looking for compact camera

    Budget - HKD 1000-1200
    Purpose - Taking home or outdoor pics / some movie

    I selected some Nikon Coolpix brand but don't know how good it is. Selected Nikon Coolpix was on 3 counts - Brand, Size (95-60-20) and Budget.

    Other ones in mind are - Canon Ixus 115 or 220.

    Any other suggestion

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    apple iphone 4s

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    Canon dominates the other brands in this segment. Consider picking up a second hand model too, probably more cost effective than buying new.

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    That budget is going to a tough.. considering you want to take indoor, outdoor pictures and movies.. If you can bump that budget up just a tad..

    A Nikon Coolpix or a Nikon one is pretty good, my office use those two to take pictures of products all the time, we also review products and post on YouTube using them also, I haven't heard any complaints.

    Any better and you'll be stepping into Entry Level DSLR products.. or DV recorders..

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    after searching for 3-4 weeks, I bought Canon IXUS 220 HS. Its available for HK$ 13XX (Parallel product)

    seems good for 1st day, will update about more experience later.