Running a webserver at home

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    Running a webserver at home

    Hello all,

    I am new to Hong Kong, and I hope you can help..
    I've been reading in some older posts that some providers (eg: netvigator) block ports (25 and 80), is that still the case?

    I would like to run a web server from home and am happy with a dynamic ip and would like to stick with port 80.

    Do I have many options?

    I think HKBN would work, but need to confirm it is available where we are looking.


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    Netfront.Net even offers a static IP... GeoExpat and a few of our sites used to be hosted on it when we started out. No problems, unless they've drastically changed something (doubt it).

    Netvigator blocks 25 and 80 for sure.

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    So far NetFront seem the most friendly towards my requirements, as some specify no servers in the terms of service.

    They say they only block port 25, but you can use their SMTP server to send mail. I have my email hosted elsewhere, so it doesn't concern me.

    Their fixed ip address service do not block ports.