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Polar vs Garmin.. or something else

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    Cool Polar vs Garmin.. or something else

    I ve started training over the past 2-3 weeks daily and slowly stepped up my training to a bit more than amateur level. I ve come to a point where i feel both my and my colleague would like to invest in a HRM watch to help us make our training more efficent and also give us results of our efforts combined. We do trainings like runs on bowen road, or hatton road peak climb with runs around the peak, hikes on the weekends, etc.

    Aside from that we also manage to get some gym time in when possible. I was looking at the FT80 or FT60 then stumbled on the Garmin 610 and 910. Based on review, opinions in the US (a lot of them were old) i am very confused which one is ideal or a better experience.

    I like the 610 offer to train with yoru virtual self and the 910 option of using it for diving (which i do occasionly). Where as the FT60/80 seems to be more interactive in helping u focus on your zones during excercise.

    Does anyone have first hand experience on which is better or more ideal. Also I use a MAC interface ( i real polar isnt so mac friendly).. any advice is much appreciated.

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    I would stick to a basic model that does heart rate, calories and maybe memory - that's about it. It will save you a lot of money. And trust me when I say your first HRM won't be your last one.

    I've had various models during the past few years, it can get costly for the more advanced models and they are basically all not perfect and lots of the functions are no use or limited use in real life. Nothing beats pen and paper for your workout log, or a smart phone nowadays if you are into that.

    Most useful: HRM, calorie calculations, history/memory function.

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    I use a complicated Polar watch (no longer on the market, but analgous to their top of the range models) for hiking and gym workouts. The thing I really like about it is the ability to download my statistics (time in various zones, for example) and show them on a calendar that allows me to see if I'm doing enough exercise each week and how the weeks compare and how many calories I burn each week. I think most simpler Polar watches would do this, provided they have the download function. So I agree with 100LL - get the simplest watch that you can download the data in some way (or upload to the internet, one or the other) so you can see your improvements.

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    I use Runkeeper app on Iphone/Android, it's free and works fine. (Distance/time/elevation/calories).You can look it up on your computer afterwards with maps...

    Running app and fitness community | RunKeeper

    I run a lot (really) and never bought a garmin or polar or anything -

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    I love the Garmin 910xt, and want the Suunto Ambit.
    Iphone Runkeeper Pro works well, and you can get a little Wahoo Fitness sensor to connect to it so it will read HRM straps.

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    Dear OP, what sort of training are you doing? Is it just running or something else?

    The Garmin's (esp the 610, etc) are more targeted for running. I was given a 610, which is fantastic, but I downgraded to a 410, as at my stage I don't need all the advanced functions of the 410 (however secretly I now wish I had the 610). Saying that, I think I could have been fine with a simple Polar and HRM, because as Mat has mentioned, Runkeeper is very good. Doesn't do the HRM, but does have the GPS functions. BTW Runkeeper for both Android and iphone support specific types of Bluetooth HR straps, but I hear their performance isn't that great.