3 network HELP!

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    3 network HELP!

    Im moving to hong kong in august and have seen that with 3 your monthly contract is cheap but it is expensive to buy the phone. Is is possible to bring a UK 3 phone and then take out a 3 contract and just get the sim card rather than having to pay for another phone?

    So can i use a HK 3 network contract sim card in a UK 3 phone.

    and is it possible to start a 3 contract in HK and just get the sim card no phone


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    3 phones from UK won't work in HK if you just switch over a HK 3 Sim.

    You can bring a phone over but will still need to get it unlocked then a 3 HK sim will work.

    Yes you should be able to just get a sim and a 12 month contract as opposed to the 18 month which you sometimes get with a phone, I did the same with Smartone thus you should be able to do the same with 3.

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    3 mobile

    I'm from the UK and just arrived in Hong KOng.

    Just signed up with 3 on a great deal. They have a skype enabled mobile phone which is great for staying in touch with people back in the UK.

    The phone was HKD$950, which is ok. Monthly costs are HKD$150 and that includes a special deal that allows you unlimted calls overseas, only catch is that has to be landlines in the UK. An absolute bargain

    Has worked out great for me, I had a tri-band mobile that I brought out from the UK. Its works fine with 3, only catch is it doesnt have the skype function which is rrally really useful.

    In general is much much cheaper than mobiles in the UK!