DIY Electronics parts store like radio shack?

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    It is not certain a "supply point" - BUT - I feel that if you went 6 stations down the Shumchun MTR line to Futian from Lowu, you be more sure of finding what you need in the huge, tall, emporia filled with computers and parts @ Seg Electronic Market Hua Qiang North Road, if not there, then in the many amazing multi-storey Malls cheek-by-jowl there. Just have plenty of RMB in the wallet, there's so much stuff you CAN'T locate in Hong Kong that IS there!

    Get off at the TAIL end of the train and take the LEFT passageway out of the station, cross the road & SEG is riht there.

    That area will "Blow your Mind" for parts [lower floors]

    It's also a great money saver to get Laser cartridges refilled there too!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnought:
    I saw this post and it gave me some hope in my search for TRRS connectors, but they don't sell them.

    Any ideas?
    You can try other online sources like or Farnell. They either have HK warehouses or they'll ship internationally at fairly reasonable rates.

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    WECL has many things and many things they don't have. They are quite expensive.
    The real Mecca of electronic parts is Taobao. I found an item I needed, WECL charged 14 HK$ for what I could find on Taobao for 0.7 RMB.
    The difficulty is to find a supplier who has all you need so you only pay shipping once. I work with Arduino Nano and found one supplier in Shenzhen that is as good as it gets. Order today and play tomorrow.

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