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    It was 6 months ago that I found it... it was a thread in this forum but I can't find it now. You were basically just saying how people shouldn't expect good service from the cheap ISPs like PCCW or I-cable, and if they want service they should go with pacnet or (I think) netfront).

    Its possible I mis-read or mis-understand what you were saying, so I wouldn't worry about it. I would definitely like your advice on an ISP however

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    I would most likely be Diyixian not Pacnet.

    Pacnet is an unknown to me. I know one of the techies there, but don't know how they operate. Anyway now they have been bought by Asianetcom, they should have bandwidth coming out of the ying yang.

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    Same as KIA

    HGC --> office
    PCCW Netvigator--> home
    PCCW --> wireless

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    Fastest connection to US

    So which of the following is the fastest for downloads from the US?

    - PCCW
    - HGC
    - Citi Telecom

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    For residential customer connections I would say, based on reports here, PCCW, although it can slow down a bit at peak time (10pm-midnight) and obviously they all suffer when major cables across the pacific are broken.