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    13 44.83%
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    4 13.79%
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    5 17.24%
  • Neither

    7 24.14%
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Are you a facebook user, twitter or neither

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    Are you a facebook user, twitter or neither

    I can't stand facebook but I do find twitter very useful especially when something major is going down and was on it almost constantly when riots kicked off in Istanbul as it was by far the best news source I could find by following cnn, reuters, haber24 etc
    How many of you all are on either of these? Do you use it more than Geo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trance Omega:
    How many of you all are on either of these? Do you use it more than Geo?
    We use facebook to keep family/friends abroad upto date, which comes in handy when we are away on holiday, greatly helped by having smartphones while on the fly.

    To answer your question, on average, I might log onto facebook once, or twice a week if we have something worthwhile to report, but that's about it. GEO is my preferred forum poison, even if it can be a bit bitchy at times....

    Cant comment on Twitter, have never used it and never really been interested enough in it, to be bothered registering an account.

    For general news, The Melbourne Age, or the Herald Sun, or my local cafe for a bit of hearty, passionate, often opinionated lol in person discussion, about the days local/global events.
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    I quite like Google+ for soft-news...
    Daily news, A bunch of blogs and a couple of newspaper sites
    Twitter - I haven't figured out who to follow, the sources i do follow tend to just post garbage about their latest products
    facebook, friend updates only
    linkedin is handy for industry news

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    Can't stand Facebook, don't have an account.

    Have had a Twitter account since it was in beta, used it a lot for trading FX, for news and talking to companies when they are crap if they aren't listening through normal channels. Don't tweet myself, and don't use it on the mobile, only desktop app.

    Geo, I have the mobile app, and will use it to pass time when I am playing Mum's taxi service etc and out and about.

    So Geo wins out in usage on mobile and desktop.

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    I use Facebook a bit, although less so recently - I had a major cull of my "friends" so that it's now just people who I regard as reasonably current real friends. My primary use for it is actually to run the Scrabble app!

    I do currently have a Twitter account, but that's just for a very specific purpose regarding a company that I do business with. I don't follow any feeds, and I don't tweet about anything else. The account will be deleted (if that's possible) once the specific purpose is achieved (or abandoned).

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    FB = yes & active
    Twitter = have had an account for years. I turn it on during major world events and the rest of the time I cant figure out the point of it.

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    Twitter is the only one I use and check everyday. Do not know about the google one and I have no friends to start a facebook account.

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    I have tried getting into Twitter usage on two separate occasions. I have come away slightly baffled each time.

    A relative who lives in Silicon Valley dismissively claims that I "just don't get Twitter", which is very true. But then she also Instagrams constantly and writes stream-of-conciousness emails, so our communications patterns are very different.

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    Use all of the above

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    Do not have or need either.

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