Old thread, but if anyone is thinking of using PCCW my advice is this; DON'T. It's the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Signed up for a package in April; fixed line, broadband and TV. Didn't subscribe to any channels but I was offered two for free so selected BBC Knowledge and BBC Entertainment - absolute waste of time, but that's the Beeb's fault. (really, they are repeating the same 5 episodes of "Weakest Link" from 2004 now as they were in April)

First, overcharged on the very first phone bill - should be fixed with some many free minutes a month which I was no where near to using. They never mentioned that there were bundled into the braodband a bunch of free services that cut off after three months - but after three months I was supposed to cancel them! They overcharged me more than the whole contract was worth.

They love telling me that if I want to cancel I have to pay the balance of the commitment (October 09), but actually cancelling the contract is proving to be difficult. You can't call one person to deal with the whole package - I have to sepeak to three different people and getting a response is really time consuming. So I get the termination form for braodband and TV, but not the phone. So I emal them and call them. They ask me if I want to confirm cancellation. I tell them yes. No response. They ask again. I say yes. No response. Again, they ask; again I say yes. No repsonse.

A week goes by and I get a phone call asking if I want to confirm cancellation. By this time, I lose patience. I am leaving at the end of the week. If someone doesn't come to meet me, take all the PCCW crap out of my house and collect payment, then I am leaving HK and will dump the boxes in to the bin. Still no response.

How poeple in HK put up with this shower of useless and greedy people I do not know.