Getting HP tx2500z laptop shipped from states? No duty I believe?!

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    Getting HP tx2500z laptop shipped from states? No duty I believe?!

    Hi there. I'm planning to buy the HP tx2500z tablet pc from HP. Its about $1000 in the states and wayyy more over here.

    Just to confirm (I searched the forum)...I wont have to pay duties/customs/tax to receive it here right?

    Thanks a million.

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    Yeah, no duties for electrical / electronic items.

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    Ah, you want to take advantage of the hp coupon.
    And "custom specs" as offered by HP - US
    I did the same 2 months ago on tx2000.
    couple of notes:
    - US local tax, (add about 8-10%) from that 1000
    - Transport from US to HK, 70-100 USD

    still cheaper? heres more:
    - warranty and transports back to US and back

    Upon the first day, I discovered:
    the letter "T" on my keyboard is a bit funny and keep typing more tt than I needed.
    also the mic is not as responsive as my other notebook, by far.

    After a month, the cursor on the screen keep moving towards the corner of the screen and clicking itself. try googling "cursor tx-2000 moves itsown". As tx2500 is not much different to tx-2000, it might inherit this problems

    My choices comes down to resend to US for warranty claim, or sell it locally and get another.

    Knowing these I would get it locally, but dont get me wrong the machine itself is fantastic.

    BTW those hp notebooks are made in shanghai and ship directly to US private address.