getting high speed broadband in old buildings

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    getting high speed broadband in old buildings

    Hi guys
    I have been hoping to get a better internet connection (have standard Netvigator broadband right now). Something like PCCW [Netvigator] 100M or 1000M.
    My building does not appear to be 'covered' by any of the providers. I know fiber optics have been laid down on the street (literally the other side of the wall).
    Any way I can get them to plug me in?

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    Fibre going post your door doesn't help if the electronics are hundreds of metres down the street. Every supplier has their price I guess, but you do realise that once you get above, say, 10MBit/s you will only get a fraction of your nominal bandwidth in connections to the rest of the world? 1000MBit/s from your building to a building in Chai Wan (or wherever) isn't going to give you 1000Mbit/s (or, probably, more than 5% of that) to the rest of the world.