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Any advice on drones

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    Oooh drones. There's a divisive subject, people getting het up at the mere mention of 'em!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyHairy
    Don't fly them on the beach or where anyone is trying to relax.
    But where else would you go for taking some bikini bridge videos?

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    It really depends on what you want the drone for and if you want to fly it yourself or have the drone do most of the flying for you.

    Higher end:

    CES 2016 - A new drone: Parrot DISCO - Parrot news | Parrot news

    Selfie, follow me drone:

    Are you sure you are after a drone and not a quadcopter that you actually control?

    Very cheap photo/video quad:

    JXD 509G JXD509G 5.8G FPV With 2.0MP HD Camera High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter Sale -

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandM!
    And screaming children are more pleasant? The drone only goes for 20 minutes then it's done. They may have a second battery. Your kids make noise the entire day ....

    Don't rain on other people's parade. If you want peace and quiet, buy some land. You're here you need to share.
    These drones average 50 to 80 decibels of continuous buzzing and, as far as I'm concerned, constitute a hazard to people around them if they is ridiculous and downright rude to choose to use them in and around people who are sunbathing and children playing.

    In contrast, a school playground at lunchtime peaks at around 50 decibels...I'll leave it to you decide if a few 'screaming' kids will be as loud as a school playground.

    The racket those things created completely dominated the ambience. No different to if someone had walked onto the beach with a strimmer.

    An absolute lack of consideration for one's fellow human.

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    Well said. If people want to fly stuff around in parks and beaches they should stick to kites.

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    Geez, you guys just complain and complain. Calm down and enjoy life. If HK is so bad, then you know where the airport is, please by all means.

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    To OP

    Flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) weighing not more than 7 kg (without its fuel) for recreational purpose can be classified as model aircraft flying, and no application to CAD is required.

    Check this page to find out where you should not fly!

    Civil Aviation Department - Flying Model Aircraft

    I'd suggest getting something small and cheap where it can be flown indoors if you're a complete novice so you don't need to worry about outdoor breezes/wind, get used flying figure 8 after learning to hover. Find a flying park if you plan to get an outdoor model. Cheaper models with altitude hold and headless mode are good if you don't want to invest in something with GPS, these computer aids help you get in and stay in the air but won't really help you fly a drone/quad without these aids.

    If you're already experienced in fly RC Heli's then flying drones should be a doddle for you, also, you could consider downloading a simulator on your phone such as 'QuadcopterFX simulator'(Android)

    That's my two pennies worth if you're looking to be responsible about it.

    oh yeah, if you know where the airport is, don't fly around there either haha, as well as army air bases

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    I find drones AND random screaming children annoying. There are some hot spots around trails/country parks where people fly them and there's continuous noise. Never mind the uncomfortable feeling that a nosy camera is flying above you. If I went all the way to Tung Ping Chau to enjoy that gorgeous beach and remote feeling I'd be pretty damn mad too about perpetual drone noise!

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    What we need are drones, operated by screaming children.

    And remember, if you don't like it, you know where the airport is!

    I guess we can at least be thankful that the airport is roughly in the middle of nowhere, otherwise we'd be seeing regular reports of idiots flying drones around the airport.

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