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Need a new set of bluetooth speakers.

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    Need a new set of bluetooth speakers.

    l bought a W-king s7 ~300HKD in sham sha po in December 2016, it was quite nice sounding 3W budget speakers that l used ~ once every couple of weeks for about half an hour? recently using it in shower cubicle, was disappointed to see it rusting, esp it claiming to be IP5? the battery refuses to recharge as well, it lasts for ~2mins before switching itself off
    l need a higher quality replacement, something that won't rust, and preferably louder, with a handle so can be put on a clothes hook.
    l am more than willing to pay up to ~1500HKD region. any recommendations and where to buy?


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    $1500 for a Bluetooth speaker that's going to hang off a clothes hook sounds a bit excessive. Would have thought a third of that should be more than enough.

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