Well it has happened - my right Joycon is not charging, docked with the tablet the whole night and as soon as disconnect it, it says low battery and the Left one is totally fine. But thank goodness I paid a bit extra at the shop in SSP and have a 1-year HK warranty, even though I was tempted to get the US version which was 25% cheaper.

Just wanted to ask:

1. I called Nintendo's hotline to book an appointment, as it instructs but it just tells me to send them an email. Has anyone tried to just rock up without an appointment?

2. Has anyone has this problem and managed to solve it yourself?

3. How long does it take for Nintendo to generally fix small problems like these?

4. And finally, a bit of a strange one. But just yesterday I found the Nintendo dock covered in white lice-like bugs which are smaller than grains of salt, as an eg. of the size. I've had book lice on the walls, mainly in the far bedroom. But the dock/Switch is in the living room, has anyone had this issue before? V odd as there are other paper objects in the lounge & no lice, I thought they mainly feed off that