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Disposal - Video-cameras & Canon still cameras! Help Needed

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    Disposal - Video-cameras & Canon still cameras! Help Needed

    My younger brother passed away on the 24th November & since then, my wife & I have been trying to sort out his accumulated "Clag" !

    We have dealt with much of his stuff, but I have "crashed"out over his assorted high co$t video & still cameras - like JVC video, and Canon still cameras [To name a few], and masses of lenses to go with them.

    I'm happy to advertise them here (if I knew just how much to ask for the items), or to haul then off to a secondhand camera shop - preferably around Western District - 'cos they are heavy and I, at 81 y.o. just don't have the strength to haul them around on what might prove to be "A wild-goose chase".

    I don't want to "dump them" as someone out there might just be crying for some good quality equipment : All of which has been stored in a large "Dry Cupboard" for several years.

    As I am still "tied up" with clearing out his flat and shipping stuff - by SEAMAIL - and am told that it'll take THREE months to UK. {Hmmm, A SLOW boat from China, rather than the other way round (in the song of years ago)}

    Please let me know if anyone can "point me in the right direction" for any camera shops in my immediate area!

    Or if you'd like to short-circuit that move, then let me know & I will try to display "At Home"!

    It would be several days before I have time to photograph everything, but I'm sure that my photographer / writer brother would approve of someone in that "field" being able to "prolong active life" of his equipment.... So let me know ASAP.

    Tony in Pok Fu Lam Road. [Free guest parking]

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    Cameras and video cameras may not worth much. Canon lens may worth a lot (perhaps tens of thousand). You may search their model no. on 2nd hand markets such as ebay to know their value.

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    As pointed out, lenses can be very valuable indeed.

    I'd help out but gave up the proper photography hobby some time ago & just use my phone.

    Whatever you do, avoid the Nathan Rd. camera shops! . But as an old hand, you know this!

    Sorry about your loss.

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    Sorry for your loss. You may want to change the title of the thread. I clicked on it ready to recommend a way to dispose of e-waste. As you are looking to sell the items, that title is misleading. As others have mentioned, dedicated video gear is not in high demand unless it's specialty gear. Lenses hold value for sure. It sounds like the gear was well cared for as they were in a dry box.

    Post the lenses for sale on a dedicated photo site and the market will determine their worth.

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    Take some pictures of the photo equipment. For lenses the brand, mount, focus range and aperture must be specified, example: Canon FD 17mm, f4

    Old lenses easily get moldy in Hong Kongs climate.

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    I put all mine on AsiaXpat and eventually found a buyer, I let them go at a reasonable price to a young man who is doing a degree in visual arts, his dad subsequently wrote to me thanking me for the help the equipment had provided. It is difficult stuff to dispose of and suggest you do not go lugging it around before trying the online approach. I know what it is like to be 80+

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    I'm sorry for the loss...

    as mentioned eBay is a good source for pricing. I'm a Canon DSLR user. In that field, there hasn't been any major new products for several years now if I recall correctly as Canon has been pushing mirrorless R mount products. I've sold my equipment on Carousell in the past. Dcfever website also has a decent marketplace but it's in Chinese only.

    Lenses may still have some worth (prices probably dropping as people move to mirrorless) but camera bodies probably less so.

    for lenses, as a quick crash course summary, you'll find the important specs/numbers typically on the front of the lens. For example, it may say: Canon Zoom Lens EF 16-35mm 1:2.8L III USM. The important part is that it is an "EF-mount" which dictates what camera bodies it will fit, 16-35mm is the focal length or the 'zoom' range of the lens and "1:2.8" indicates an aperture more typically written as "f/2.8". "L" in Canon lenses indicate its the professional line of lenses (also with a red ring around the lens front), "III" in Roman numerals indicate the version number of the lens, "USM" indicates the type of focusing mechanism in the lens (which is not usually important as most lenses use the same). Some lenses with image stabilisation will also say "IS". For this lens sample, when posting for sale, you'll want to identify it as "Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III".

    Some lenses may have a circular piece of glass screwed in on the front, those are "filters" and will have their own brand printed on it. Usually just include that in your sale.

    Note the visual condition of any damage or scratches especially on the lens elements.

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    I think for vintage camera gear, Kobo_Camera (+852 6509 3694) might be interested. For lenses, check; quite big platform/market for used camera gear.

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    Thank you everyone who has responded here and via PM's.

    I just need to find time to photograph and tabulate all this equipment which I hope to achieve during this week.

    It's just that stuff that I *CAN* ship out to my sister in the Isle of Wight rather occupies my immediate attention!

    And my wife is knee deep in sorting out the dross from the essential stuff that my I.O.W. based sister & brother-in-law need to totally "wind up" my brother's estate.

    We, being ancient, [myself especially] haven't got the "get up and go" urges any more; so we tend to "rest" between each "sortie" into his accumulated stuff! (Some of which should have been discarded years ago!)

    Since my "trouble & strife" ia a Local, I will need to persuade her to do the Chinese websites & hope that she can find persons wanting a camera &/or Video stuff - whilst, at the same time, fighting off the ill-effects of chemotherapy after double surgery for Cancerous growths and many more weeks of treatment yet to go.

    My grateful thanks to all who responded during the last few days !