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Vintage Digital Camera DSLR--Fungus

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    Vintage Digital Camera DSLR--Fungus

    I got my hands on a old Nikon D80 camera and a Tamron zoom lense. The mirrors have what looks like a little bit of fungus growing. The Tamron lense also has some fungus on the lenses. I can also see the fungus in the view finder. So far, I don't see the fungus in the JPGs. And I don't see any fungus on the sensor.

    I cleaned the Tamron lense with lense tissue and cleaner, but it didn't remove any of the fungus. I was very gentle. I didn't try to clean the mirrors for fear of damaging it.

    I was told to buy another camera without fungus. Is it really hopeless? I guess HK is too humid. Can professional remove the fungus? If so, how much would it cost?


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    I had similar issues with my Canon 5D + lenses. Advice was that I should move on and get a new camera.

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    Probably too expensive to pay someone - I think Tamron itself has a service.

    For the viewfinder and mirror, good news is it should not affect the image quality.For the lens, you probably have to take it apart. Have a look at the diy videos on youtube.

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    Try some of the old camera shops and see if they can service.