Home theatre system - What can I get for my budget?

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    Home theatre system - What can I get for my budget?

    Ok, so I posted an earlier thread about LCD tvs and had great feedback and advice on it. Now, I am also thinking of getting a home theatre system for the living room. The Home Theatre system would have to come with a DVD player as well. I went to Fortress and Broadway and have been recommended the Sony or Panasonic brands. Model HCR-F500 for the Sony. However, after reading some other threads on Geoexpat, posters have been recommending to buy everything separate? I am looking for a dvd player, sub-woofer, centre speaker and 4 stand alone speakers (2 for the front and 2 behind the sofa). The Sony is around HKD6,700 and I wouldn't want to go above that budget. Is this a good set, or can I get better value for money. Budget is around HKD6,000-HKD7000. Thanks.

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    You can certainly do better if you are prepared to buy second hand. I haven't heard the latest Home Theatre In A Box offerings, but the difference between my previous 5.1 Sony and LG HTiB systems and my current Denon AV receiver (new at $4300) and selection of 2nd hand speakers (<$2500) is like night and day.

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    I have been hearing good things about the Cinema One

    Ifa 2008: Philips Cinema One Squeezes Home Theater System into Tiny Round Box

    I haven't seen it yet and have no idea of the cost, but even had an offer to post one to me from England, so at least someone was excited about it.

    I like its small footprint.