Chumby like device in HK

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    Smile Chumby like device in HK

    Anyone know of a device like a Chumby or Sony Dash that's available in HK and sub HK$1,000?

    Sony Dash, about US$200.
    Sony Dash

    Chumby One, about US$120.

    I'm after a simple mains-powered device I can sit on someones office desk that shows a near-realtime view of in-progress orders from a website.

    At a push a mini-DisplayLink device, Buffalo's is JPY9,000 on Amazon

    DisplayLink Store
    FTD-W71USB | BUFFALO バッファロー

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    A bigger stretch would be a RSS enabled picture frame, but the likely hood of finding one that is not terrible and cheap is small.

    Holy lol, look at the wholesale price of these things, no wonder why they're bad,

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    Sony dash will be released in April in the US. You can preorder it as of yesterday. I guess it will be available in HK around the same time.

    Im waiting for one myself to use as a beefed up alarm clock with internet access, display the weather, news, photos, etc.

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    I've got a Chumby and will bring it to HK, but eventhough I really like the concept of an ambient information device, I have to confess that since I bought an iPhone my Chumby does little more than serve as an alarm clock. Occasionally I'll stream some Internet radio on it.

    That said, I'll probably buy the Sony dash to see how it compares. But given the choice between an iPod touch in a dock vs. a Chumby I'd take the iPod from a functionality standpoint, even if you never undock it.