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Best ISP for Skype video conferencing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugubser:
    I don't have time to debate this.
    Videoconferencing is done over IP everywhere - corporations are doing it as do consumers. I've been doing it for 10 years from the US, Japan and Switzerland. But I've only been in Hong Kong for one month - and that's the difference for me.

    Again, which ISP can provide a stable 0.5 mbit up- and down link across continental Europe/Asia and the pacific ocean? And I doubt this is a question of available capacity, this is a question of which ISP has provisioned (=bought) sufficient capacity and makes it available to his customers.
    Can someone help me with this? Is someone on this forum using skype or commercial videoconferencing solutions over Internet? If so, who is your provider?
    I do regularly.

    Ding dong.... Skype is even more complex than just A to B comms. As it is not just ISPs your and the receiver's ISP that come into the equation. it is uses other clients to route data, a bit of a p2p networ hackshully.

    Anyway I am tired of trying to educate hard nuts, or people that want to hear that they have made the right choice.

    So Yes, pick PCCW, they have their best ads.

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    Have a look at this company:

    Cyber Express Communication Limited

    I don't know much about them (apart from the fact they are the ISP we use at work).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugubser:
    I don't have time to debate this.
    You should make time. PLDM is a telecoms guy - you're not going to get much better free advice than that.

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    My company uses an ISDN based system. We have 3 ISDN lines (with 3 PCCW modems) that connect to a video conferencing device.

    The quality of calls (mainly to European HQ) is excellent. But it is damn expensive. So much so that our CFO doesnt let us make any calls with it. We only receive calls from HQ and let HQ pay for it.