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A question on Adobe

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    Oh FFS. I love going round in circles. If you want it so much, and it does seem you have a life threatening issue with this, then jailbreak your phone.

    My two issues with this are - the security one (which you first said didn't exist and then said oh well yes it does so does everything else, doh) and a business one. If a business decides it doesn't want something forced on it by another then that should be the end of it.

    So there you go problem solved. You can have the Flash you so desperately require and I can go without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaykay:
    Where did I say it can't run on iPhone? I didn't. I've experienced problems with Flash previously on websites we built, and the software has been the culprit of many a browser crash. So no I don't buy this Flash is holier than thou crap and simply MUST be used or else the Internet is unusable. Alternatives are coming along which are well worth a look at but will take time to come to fruition due to both skills shortages and unwillingness to change.
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    The difficulty I have with Apple's attitude is that they have chosen to not implement the flash platform for the benefit and flexibility of its customers at this stage in view of the absence of a decent alternative.The reasoning behind this decision seem to be a bit lame and misrepresented as a purely technical issue when its clearly a commercial issue. Bit patronising by old Jobs as usual.
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    From my limited readings, apple asked flash to provide a version of flash to run on iPhone that wasn't slow, a battery hog, and crashing. This was asked before iPhone v1.

    Yet... To this day, flash has yet to produce a stable version for inclusion in os, for sale thru apple store, nor thru cydia/rock.

    Is above understanding correct? If so, why is this apples fault? Because they don't want to allow an app that would pose risk to their platforms reputation and stability?

    (again... Serious questions. No allegiance to apple... So calm down your majest Geoff. Noone wants to hear your conspirist theory rants)
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