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    i-Cable 130M


    Just moved into an apartment in Mid Levels. Yesterday signed up for i-Cable 24 months at 130MB, and the premiership pack in HD.
    Spoke to the Now TV / PCCW guy and he said he can only provide 8M to my apartment.

    Was wondering which would be better the 8M PCCW or the 130M i-Cable.

    Sounds like a stupid question, but after reading people's posts on the forum I'm getting a bit concerned. I'm wondering if I should just cancel the i-Cable contract. They haven't come round to install it yet.

    I mainly download, but may occasionally play the odd game of Starcraft2 online with my friend.

    Also is there any way to see if HGC Broadband serve my building, at the moment, their page seems to point to the three site which isn't loading for me.



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    I was in the same boat and went with iCable. Only later did they upgrade PCCW to 30mb so I was kind of like um, maybe. But my connection really hasn't been that bad. I'm able to use a VPN and stream stuff from Hulu and iPlayer (which is probably the fastest overseas bit I need).

    Of course it's not 130mb, but it's good enough.