Ok, Some investigation and experience to Share.
Know problems are:

1.Light leak, there seems to be a number of IPAD 2's suffering from light leak around the edge, more noticeable in a dark.
2.App Store, when you do a search, many pages might indicate 12/18, but the next page icon is greyed out, so you can not see the rest of the apps that fit your search, (Appstore Bug I think)
3.Friendly, the app for Face book is blaming Facebook for their change in the API, resulting in Friendly, which is a paid application to access your facebook gives a Black screen. Noted on their Facebook page.
4.Battery Life, when traveling, and using your pad, you might notice a drop from example, 98% to 93% over 5 minutes whilst using the MTR, this shows a serious power usage when hopping on 3G. Don't keep Wifi and 3G on all the time, just select hat you want to use, and although I would have expected 3G to use less power, it does appear that that wifi is more power efficient.
5.American Versions for Verizon does not work in HK, Verizon is using a CDMA network, as such not compatible with 3G, and cant be changed, Get a 3G version or a wifi if you buy one from abroad.
6.Australian versions work in Hong Kong, and even though you buy it in Australia, it comes pre-enabled in the box with Chinese, not so good for Australians though.
7.Warrantee, if you want to change the Ipad during warrantee period, wait for about six Months until the new batches are produced, it seems many from the current batch have the same problem and you would get the same problem in the replacement, unless its a more serious problem like an onscreen dead spot in the touch screen.
8. OS upgrade, Remember to synch to Itunes so you can get the latest IOS patch, they have some connection issues that are solved, but no point wasting your time going to apple if this is the only problem, do this first, then if there is an issue, google it, then go to apple, and remember its a World Wide warrantee.

Thats my Report for today so far, no news about the hong Kong release date yet, these guys must be sleeping in the back room, or they could be waiting till the US servers are upgraded to handle the extra traffic from the Appmarket users.

Have fun, and the Skype is great on the ipad 2.