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Anybody received the iPad 2 from Apple HK?

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    Anybody received the iPad 2 from Apple HK yet?

    Hello, my relative's friend ordered the iPad 2 for me on the date of announcement. I heard that he called many times and finally ordered mine and his somewhere between 1 to 1:30 am. He was told that once the devices were available, he would be informed. So far, have not heard anything from him yet. On the day before the announcement, I heard that he was going to place the order via Apple. Not sure if he eventually ordered it through Apple as there might be nobody there to answer the phone. Anybody who ordered the iPad 2 on the first day received the item from Apple? Anybody knows the time frame for delivery?

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    A friend got his late last week. I think it was Thursday.

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    I haven't received mine. But then again I didn't order one and wasn't expecting it to come.

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    My colleague got his a couple days ago. Mine is scheduled for next week, I assume mainly because I opted for a message engraved on the back.

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    I ordered 2 on the opening night as well. The first one arrived today and I presume the other one arrives a in a few days time.

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    Friend got his yesterday.

    If it is like the iPhone 4 ordering, there is basically a random / lottery filling of the first orders. They don't necessarily arrive in the order placed but should all arrive about the same time.

    Have you followed the link to check the status? Is it "in processing" or has it shipped?