Unable to send emails from Netvigator acct on my PC to any Hotmail address

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugak:
    Yes I could do that but I'd rather not use multiple addresses and prefer to keep Netvigator address. Really frustrating though!

    Just wondered if there is technical solution for this as PCCW seem incapable of fixing it and Hotmail do not reply to messages from them.
    I didn't suggest changing your address. You can easily set up a new gmail account to send looking like it comes from netvigator and to have replies going to netvigator. You just use the gmail account for sending. I did that for years with a yahoo account (when that was flavour of the month) because sending from various hotels was always a pain.

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    Finally resolved the problem this evening, after speaking to someone with a bit of knowledge at PCCW, resetting the modem cured the problem...wish PCCW had advised that earlier! thanks all for your suggestions