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    PCCW problem

    Hi ,

    I recently moved in with my GF, in my last apartment I had PCCW for Internet... In my GFs apartment she had Internet with PCCW... Both have over a year lefts on the contract.

    We are moving into one flat and so we phoned up PCCW looking if there was a way to consolidate the accounts so we only had one account in our new flat... To which they say 'cannot'!

    They say our only option is to have both accounts in one house (ridiculous), I guess a room each conection... Or we pay up the term of the contract on one up front to clear it (also a bit ridiculous).

    Any thoughts on how to remedy this... Can I sell one of them to someone perhaps?
    Not really sure what to do, don't want to have to pay for 2 connections.

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    u have to sell/transfer your contract, yea pccw's 2yr contract sucks.

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    If you were with HKBN they would terminate your contract and charge you a penalty as they don't allow people to have more than one connection per address. PCCW is a bit more flexible so just sell one connection to someone by advertising it in the classifieds. Good Luck !