I own a few valuable .com Internet domain names which are currently with a large registrar in USA. I am considering moving those to registrar based in Hong Kong. That registrar must be ICANN registered (anything less not good enough). To best of my knowledge there are only 3 such registrars in HK:

0101domain (0101Domain - Domain for Everyone! Register your .com, .net, .org and .asia domains with us!)
AsiaRegister (http://www.asiaregister.com)
8y (環球互易 Huyi Global Group)

Does anyone have any view on these 3 ?. I want fairly large well established one that can cope with 'super-premium' domain names e.g. agree very detailed special procedures for transfer of those domains in return for generous one-off and ongoing domain mamagement fees (in the range hundreds or thousands of US$, not $7.99 !)