Sorry to hijack this thread but there has been great advice here regarding webhosting.
We need a new webhost as our website has suddenly been blocked in China and I was wondering if someone can help.


We have been using Fatcow as a web host for the last few years for our small business (Asia wide clients incl. China) and have been quite happy overall. However I recently discovered that our website is not accessible from China. Not sure how long has this been going on but it definitely is not accessible anymore (I tested via various services). This is obviously very bad for our business and we need to fix this asap.

After doing research I believe the issue is that we share an IP address with other domains and that one of these domains is blocked -> hence we are blocked, too.
I believe a dedicated IP address could solve the problem (not sure).

Unfortunately Fatcow does not provide a dedicated IP (only a dedicated server which starts at USD 130 p.m. which is too expensive as we do not need a server).

So I believe we need to switch to another web host. Obviously the biggest providers are US-based (e.g., Godaddy, hostgator or MediaTemple). I do like the Fatcow-interface for managing emails etc. I don't want to lose this functionality.

Godaddy offers a dedicated IP for less than USD 10 pm extra (not sure where this is based, somewhere I read Singapore but others wrote that there might not be a guarantee where the IP is based, not sure if this matters). However I am already dreading the hassle of moving to another web host so I am worried if I move to another US-host I might run into the same problem later.

Can anyone advise what we should do? I don’t mind paying a little bit more (up to USD 200 p.a. I guess?) for a website that is accessible in China again.

Go with a Hong Kong based host (e.g. Tigahost, or Kowloon Hosting)?
How about China-based hosts (e.g., sinohosting or ZhuJi91)? I want to avoid having to register with ICP but these providers say ICP registration is not necessary.

Additional info: we are currently using Typo3 but I don’t like the interface (not intuitive). Hence we are thinking about switching to Wordpress (as it seems to be the easiest and our website is not fancy, only requirement is RSS).
Also looking for a (ideally Hong Kong based) web designer as we don’t have the design skills inhouse.

I would really appreciate any guidance for this as this is extremely critical for us.
Thanks so much in advance!!