Hi, I can't get port forwarding to work on the netvigator supplied router. I log in and I add the entries (I've done this many times on many different routers before), but I'm pretty sure it's not port forwarding. I tried with different machines and different port ranges. uPnp works. I wanted to put a pbx/asterisk setup on a machine here, but I can't get 5060 open so SIP clients can register. I tried with a custom app I have that works as a redirect for data packets. Can't connect to the app through the WAN IP, but it works fine through the LAN ip. I read one post (out of many through google) that said many of these netvigator routers are purposely crippled and don't support these features. Oh, DMZ doesn't work either. Any suggestions/ideas? I'd put my own Linksys e3000 router in place, but it'd mess up the NowTV that plugs into the netvigator router. If anyone knows the settings to get NowTV working with a retail router, I'll gladly chuck the stupid thing. Thanks!