Reputable Harddrive recovery services?

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    Question Reputable Harddrive recovery services?

    Just wondering if there are any reputable hard drive recovery services in HK, preferably in the Kowloon area...

    I have this hard drive which doesn't make any noise (not even seeming spinning) and just doesn't get detected in my computer.

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    SSD recovery in HK?


    Sorry to bump this but I have an emergency: I need to recover data from an SSD (self-encrypted).

    My SSD from Intel failed. No warning at all which is apparently normal for SSDs. I need a good firm in HK to do data recovery.
    Problem: the SSD apparently encrypted itself (seems some SSDs do that). So the first company I tried failed, they couldn't deal
    with the encryption. I did some research: apparently dealing with encrypted SSDs requires more skill.

    I know some firms in the US are pretty good but don't want to send the SSD overseas.
    Even if the SSD stays physically in HK, I would prefer a non-US firm.
    I got some results via google but was wondering if people here could recommend anyone.
    I know this is a long shot but wanted to give it a try as I am pretty desperate (my backup solution obviously failed). Money is not an issue, happy to pay.

    Thanks in advance!