Broadband services in Tung Chung?

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    Broadband services in Tung Chung?

    Could anyone living in Tung Chung kindly give a heads up on what broadband service they have.


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    The kind of internet connection you're able to get depends a lot on the building you're in. E.g., I live in a low-rise building in Kowloon that was built back in the 70s, and my only wired option is an 8mb connection through PCCW (which is relatively slow by today's standards)

    You can use this tool here to see if your building is wired up for PCCW Fiber-To-The-Home:

    People have extremely strong opinions about which internet provider offers the best overall access to overseas websites, but I don't think those discussions will be relevant to you unless your building has some kind of fiber connection.

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    Ah, thanks for that.

    Yes, I have fiber availability.

    Are there any other options for fiber in HK or just PCCW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by periphery831:
    Ah, thanks for that.

    Are there any other options for fiber in HK or just PCCW?
    yes, HKBN and 3 (HGC).

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    I just found out the wife renewed our current broadband with 3 (6mb due to the building) for 24 months @ 128HKD. Oops.

    Contacted 3 Broadband and they say their broadband doesn't cover our estate.

    I then called PCCW and they said 100mb or 300mb is 238HKD.

    HKBN said 100mb for 154HKD, 500mb for 190HKD and 1000mb for 199HKD.

    I think the 100mb HKBN option seems suitable given we will still be paying 128HKD a month for Internet we don't need. Do you think perhaps anyone would be willing to take on that contract for a considerable discount? -.-

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