Hi guys, just wanted to share this as I've heard a lot of dissatisfactions on I-cable and it was on one of these threads that I read about the OFCA (Office for the Communications Authority).

Their website is here for those who would like to concretely submit a complaint:
Communications Authority - Lodging a Complaint

There is a questionnaire to fill out which is pretty complete. You can email it to them.

It doesn't have to be specifically I-cable, of course. I just submitted my complaint, which I can share to you guys the general story. Basically I referred a friend, and they are saying that it wasn't done online properly. Well if your stupid online form worked in the first place...

Most recently they offered me 2 weeks free (when the promo was for 2 months) and I said come on, without considering all the time with your telephone reps complaining on something that should be working in the first place, you give me 2 weeks? I'd rather have nothing and continue to complain.