non-PCCW Internet service provider HK advice

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    non-PCCW Internet service provider HK advice

    What is the best non-PCCW internet service provider in HK with regards to speed and stability? If it helps, I don't do much large-file downloading besides the occasional movie on iTunes and system updates to my computer, but I do surf the net quite actively and use streaming sites often (mostly on non-local sites for both).

    I know there have been endless threads on here before but most people recommend PCCW, who don't service the building I currently live in (newer building in an urban area, HK Island) and require some contracting work to provide service to me (which I rather not get done). I've been able to confirm service provision for HKBN (seems to be the next most recommended but posts have been mixed on their service quality), i-Cable (currently using, want to change), Wharf T&T, and New World Telecom.


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    There is also HGC. Smartone now offer fibre, but the suspicion is that they use HKBN infrastructure.

    Truthfully for consumer usage I think they are about all the same.

    I have "commercial" dedicated fibre with HKBN, but I still get buffering issues when connecting to overseas sites.