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Broadband - how to compare? icable vs PCCW?

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    Thanks all. I now understand things better. Not that I like it. TQVM.

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    Avoid i-Cable

    Quote Originally Posted by ProToolz:
    i-cable is horrible, go with pccw. more expensive but well worth...
    Just avoid them. They are horrible. They overcharged me by HKD400 over and above the contractual rate for the broadband without my consent. I do not have a TV. Customer care is rude, refused to take complaints and harassed me by calling 3-4 times a day for bill payments. They cheap rate is just a trap and not worth the hassle.

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    TQ. Already went with PCCW long time ago. I am ok with them.TQ

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    I was in the same situation before I moved to my new place and went with iCable. PCCW definitely had better internet speeds and dedicated lines as I can no longer play online games because iCable's speeds, when connecting to servers outside of HK, are fairly terrible.

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    I don't know what's the deal with the Catalonia dude, HE ALWAYS RECOMMENDS i-cable and blames PCCW. Always. And I believe that dude must be the only guy in this forum going for i-cable. Well, guess what, I have i-cable. I said I never would hire them again, but for the new apartment I moved into, PCCW was offering me 8Mbit for 380HKD and i-cable had 130Mbit for 180HKD...Obvious deal is obvious, right?

    ...wrong. I have to reboot the damn modem every day. Because I lose the connection. Every. Day. And I have to call them every two weeks, because the connection will stop working and they need to "resync" the modem (they call it "send new signal to the modem". I guess they change the signal frequencies every now and them, and somehow the cable modem never catches on the changes).
    And after every two months, even the resync fails and they need to bring an engineer that takes 2 or 3 days in coming (2 or 3 days with no internet at all), and replace the modem. For another one that has exactly the same issues and that I need to keep rebooting every day.

    Just don't get i-cable. The previous time in a different building wasn't any better for me. Next time, even if they're offering me a 1000Mbit contract for 20HKD per month I'll tell them to shove it up where the sun doesn't shine.

    On a more constructive mood...did you try Three Broadband? They gave me a very reliable fiber service before, although their phone support sucked almost as much as i-cable...But I only needed to call them twice in a year, because it basically worked perfectly all the time.

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    Sai Ying Pun

    I went with PCCW because I figured it would be good enough and this way I wouldn't have to deal with separate installs. Guy came and installed everything. Took a look at the connection and it seemed fine. My mistake: didn't walk around the (tiny) apartment to see if there was any range to it.

    sure enough, last night when I go to the bedroom and open up my internet. Keep in mind it's about three meters away.

    tried resetting the router (why do I have two btw?) and no dice. Called tech support. That was fun. Only took about 20 minutes of various prompts before I got a live person who (kind of) spoke English. He told me nobody from tech support was available but that he would have them call me back as soon as they were.

    waiting, waiting, no call back. Finally called them back and arranged for somebody to come back to (hopefully) fix it, which I am now waiting for...

    not sure if this is a standard experience, or if the alternatives are any better, but at this rate I'm gonna try somebody else.

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    Sorry for late noticing of this msg. I did the mistake of not walking around my apartment too, and by time i asked, he said there will be a new instalation charge. Lived with the iffi wifi for awhile and found this thing called TPLink extender that i bought and set up. You can google and see diff kinds of models and brand, but TP Link works for me. Comp shops shld hv this.